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Driven by the vision of its founding members, the idea of launching SSC, Canada was developed during January 2017. The company is based on the state-of-the-art business model, (The ICA model 28) with its multi-dimensional (CDU) design.

The basic idea was to establish a company for medical and laboratory supplies in particular, and Market Access Services in general, for a wide variety of products, specialized services and technical expertise.

SSC, Canada established with a core control multiple business activities in the most professional and technologically advanced manner.

SSC, Canada formally started its business activities by the beginning of 2018 and by now it has been largely accepted allover Canada.


Scientific Supplies Centre is proudly a Manitoba based Canadian medical device manufacturing company with the distribution of some world class manufafacturers under their umbrella.

SSC's ultimate objective is to become the market’s leader in the supply of high-quality medical devices for an accurate and instant diagnosis of various medical conditions, and disorder.

Our mission is to enhance the advancements in the diagnostic field where time matters, and our focus still on high quality materials with convenience to use at affordable cost.


SSC is always look into our customer's requirements in a manner where they feels 100% confidence that their valuable time and money is in safe hands, moreover our goal is not just to achieve the sales, but to win their heart, and trust.

Our sales, and technical team comprises of highly skilled, and well trained in their profession, moreover they are dedicated to provide prompt support, and backup till they provide a positive solution.

We love all our customers as our family members!

SSC a Brand name you can trust!

All of our rapid tests are approved by Health Canada, and certified by ISO/ TUV, our promise to provide high quality products at affordable price.

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